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Mission News

We have been asked to send a Construction team to Costa Rica to work on the church building in Santa Clara where Maikol Mendez Castro is the pastor, He and his wife were our interpreter on the last trip to Costa Rica and we grew to know him very well. This is truly a man of God and he is asking for help to finish their church building so they can have a better place to worship the Lord. Please pray that we as a church of God can find the people and funds needed to do this work to help our Lord Jesus Christ. We will be getting more information on what needs to be done and the cost of the trip as soon as we can. In the time being please pray and keep the dates of January 3rd – 10th or 10th – 17th 2015 this is the proposed trip dates.


I know times are hard and most are just getting by here at home. But we all have something that we can give. Maybe we can spare some money, help in fundraisers, sponsor a child, or lend a hand by going with the team. There is something everyone can do. God will find work for everyone that will commit to help do His Work.

Pray to God that he will guide you in this matter of how you can help.  If you can give money or time to help with fundraisers or if he is calling you to do Mission Work Please see Roger Stephens or Pastor Joey to see how you can help.  




         Mission trip report

The mission trip to Costa Rica was a huge success. We made many new friends and have seen God’s hand at work in many ways. People came to hear God’s word and the children came also. We had a great time putting on the stories for the children and playing games with them. Their faces told the story of God’s Love and you could see him working through the team. Every member of the team will tell you of things that they have seen and the way God worked to make our trip a big success. The blessing we received was far beyond what we had expected on this trip. We can’t explain the experience we had you would need to be there. So Please Pray for our next trip and plan on joining us for this trip.

Thanks to all that helped support us on this trip without your help we could not have gone on this trip. You are part of this team also. 


So if you would like to see what God can do with your life come join us for the next mission trip. Who know what God has in store for you? Give into him and take a chance join the team. See Roger Stephens or Pastor Joey for more information.


Thank you all! The Mission Team.

Lucky Bug
Team picture
Our team

Costa Rica

story time

Working with the Children

making friends

These pictures are only a few of our trip to Costa Rica Don't miss your chance to go on the next trip.

Church in Costa Rica

Past Mission Trips.


Faith Home

Faith Home is an orphanage setup in Honduras to give a good Christian family home environment to the abandoned or orphaned children of Honduras. The government of Honduras places the children in the home when the courts find abused, orphaned, or abandoned children living on the streets. These children have no way of support or to get a good education. Faith Home gives them the things that are needed to become a useful part if the community. They also teach them the meaning of Christian Love and Family. Each child is placed in home settings that have good Christian parents to see that the children are cared for and the needs are met. Faith Home also provides a school and the Christian teaching to help develop their faith and love for the Lord. After they reach the age of 14 they go into a transition house where they have to start doing all the work of the house. They wash their own clothes and fix their meals. They still have to attend school both public and the private school of Faith Home. These children have a house parent that makes sure they do their work and that they go to school. This program gets them ready to go out into the world and make a difference. At age 17 they have to leave Faith Home but some come back to attend the Bible College that was built and opened last year. Here is where the children learn to become Pastors and Teachers to help give others a chance to hear God’s Word.        



Children love to play!

Giving out Food

So many need food.

2007 Team
2007 team.jpg

Our Mission Trips

On our trips to Faith Home we have been blessed by God. He has used us to do the following work while we praised his name. We have put roofs on houses, built schools, laid block, run pipe for water lines, dug trenches for footing, mixed and poured concrete, built a medical building, added rooms on to some of the homes, built walls and ran plumbing. This year we were able to construct a bridge for the families at Faith Home. This bridge will allow the children to access the lunch room and school with out walking a long way in the rain to get around the water running through the valley during the rainy season.


Faith Home is a wonderful place and when you arrive you can feel God’s presence there. From the minuet we arrived it was just like we were on Holy Ground. The quiet peace that you feel when you are alone with God and just want to sit for hours just to be with him. Although the work is hard you do not notice. The temperature is hot but you do not feel it. The days seem like they go by so quickly and it is time to leave before you know it. You wish it could go on for much longer but it is time to say good-by to everyone and come home. But you find yourself dreaming of next Year.  


The best part of the trip is having time with God and getting to witness to the children, and we always go out into the community and pass out food to the families who live in the area. They always are very thankful for any gifts of food they receive. This gives us a chance to pass on the Word of God to these people who may not hear it without our efforts.  

The Children Love Candy

Contact the church or Roger Stephens if you are interested in becoming a part of our mission team.

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