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“Paid in Full”

The best words a Church can hear concerning a debt. Yes our Youth addition to the Fellowship Building is paid off. Thanks to our generous members this is no longer a worry for us. Now we can devote all our efforts to God’s Work.


Has been a great success we have had a good many of children and youth attend and everyone has had a great time. Well except the leaders that got hit in the face with pies. This year the children names were put into a hat and one was drawn out. This person got to choose which one of the leaders they wanted to hit with a pie all in good fun. Thanks, Jayne & Jerry Mathis for all your hard work.

July 18 – VBS Church of the Exceptional 5-8 p.m.”

Don’t forget this is coming up next Friday and we will need all the help we can get. We always have a big turnout for this and can use all the help we can get. These people are very loving and friendly you will get a big blessing from helping.

Kidz Club Facebook Page.

Breaking News!!!!

Cliffside Baptist Church Is having a Community Easter Egg Hunt and Free Lunch. Starts at 11:00 a.m. and runs to 1:00 p.m.  There will be games, Food, Crafts, and Door Prizes. Bring your own Basket. Please plan on to join us for the fun.

The new S.A.L.T. Team is in place and this team is to help the committees of the church to coordinate their efforts to make every committee’s job easier. This is not designed to do the work of the committee it is to help them get the other committee’s and church members involved and informed so they can help out if needed. This should make everyone more productive and help our Church, Community, and World in their walk with the Lord. So when you are asked about what is going on in your committee please let them know so we can help. And Don’t forget We are there to help just ask.


Deacons, Committees, & Ministries - Please remember to check your mailboxes in the church foryer. Thanks!



The Brotherhood are looking for more projects to work on and if you know of someone that needs something done or have some work that you need help with let one of the Brotherhood or the office know of the need we will do what we can to help.





Brotherhood Mission work

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  • Youth Check out the youth page.
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  • The Mission team need your help. Find out what you can do from Pastor Joey or Roger Stephens Everyone can Help.


Costa Rica team
Costa Rica Team

Our Church Mission team has a mission trip planned for Costa Rica for Jan,2013. We will be raising money and collecting items for this trip. We plan on going back to Arenal to continue to spread the word of God. The last trip was a big success and we are excited at the number of people that have expressed interest in going this time. We will be doing many new fundraisers to help in this expense and we are thankful for all your help with these. Please keep this project in your prayers and with God’s will we will make this happen. If you are interested in joining us on this trip here are some things you should be working on.  

1.     Getting your passport if you do not have one or making sure it is up to date.

2.     Let Pastor Joey or Roger Stephens know of your interest and get information as to the fundraiser we have planned so you can help with them.

3.     Be thinking of ways to help raise money for this trip and let us know how we can help.

4.     Plan on Working hard and having the best time of your life.

 We at Cliffside Baptist Church feel that the mission work we do is an important part of our ministry and we need your support to carry out all of these. Please consider getting involved with our mission team.



Check out the Mission page for more pictures of our Trip to Honduras.

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