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1903 - ____
100 Years and still counting!

Pastor William (Bill) A. Stroud
Served 1974-1995

 Pastor Emeritus

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Christmas in our Sanctuary

Our church was organized on April 26, 1903 with 34 charter members. The newly organized church did not have a place to meet so they met at various times in homes, in the Town Hall and the old School. A nearby creek that runs into Broad River served as the baptismal. After the first revival in October 1903, twenty-five people were added to the church roll. Several years of rapid growth followed.


The church stepped out in faith and built the first house of worship and on August 15, 1909 the first church building was dedicated.


By 1922 the church had outgrown this building and again stepped out on faith to plan for a new structure to be built. The church arranged with Cliffside Mills to donate $1.00 for every $1.00 donated by church members. On August 24, 1924 the first service was held in the new building. Because it was not completely paid for it was not dedicated until seventeen years later on August 24, 1941.


The church continued to grow and new additions had to be added and a major renovation was completed on the sanctuary in 1966.


In February, 1987 the new Fellowship Center was dedicated.


In October 25, 1998 we broke ground on the new church building and on April 23, 2000 the first service was held in our new Sanctuary. Then July 9, 2000 the new facility was dedicated. 


On October 3, 2009 after a special offering it was determined that we could now pay off the building and become Debt Free.


We invite you to become a part of the church today and a piece of its history tomorrow.

First Pastors
R.A. Hedgepath     1903 - 1905
B.M. Bridges         1905 - 1907
N.R. Stone            1908 - 1908

The First Building

Pastors list
C.W. Payseur         1908 - 1911
F.B. Raymond         1911 - 1912
A.L. Stroudenmire    1912 - 1914
D.J. Hunt                 1914 - 1921
W.K. Collins            1921 - 1923
C.H. Stevens           1923 - 1925

Second Building

Pastor List
Roscoe Smith     1926 - 1929
J.A. Hunnicutt     1930 - 1938
W.V. Tarleton      1938 - 1944
O.D.Moore          1944 - 1945
Tom S Lawrence  1946 - 1958
J.W. Lucas          1959 - 1973
W.A. Stroud         1974 - 1995
Steve Chastain     1996 - 1999

Present Building
2000 - Until Present

Pastor List       
Larry Fleming    2002 - 2007
Joseph M. Cantrell  2007 -        

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